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Business Name: UK Hado 

Address: Activity Centre, The Grange, Frog Lane, Balsall Common, CV7 7FP 

                  Unit 2, Wolfe Road, Coventry, CV4 9UP 

 Tel.: 01676 532384





The Grange hosts a range of companies as well as private hire events. Among the businesses on site are;

UK HADO, Augmented Reality sports. HADO was created in Tokyo 5 years ago and is now played in 36 countries around the world. HADO merges physical sports with computer graphics via augmented reality which blends the graphics with the real world.


UK HADO is the National Governing Body for the sport as well as operating the arena in Balsall Common.




Sidekick Games is a board games cafe, offering a selection of coffees, teas and food alongside a great retail range of board games, card games and table top books


We have gaming tables available every day for groups to meet up and play.




Airsoft is a team based sport that runs at the weekends using the 10 acres of woodland on site.


Similar to paintball but without the mess or cost of the paint. 



We look forward to welcome you!



Our partnership with Balsall Common Primary School

We are keen on becoming an active participant in all school’s events and we are also enthusiastic to support the school and Trust throughout the year with other curricular events where the pupils will have an opportunity to get a hands on experience with our augmented virtual technology. This augmented technology is already being used cross many industries and is the future for our children.


We are also looking forward to host the Year 3 classes during their mini-beast hunt on our grounds.