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BCPS Radio

23rd February 2024

Presented by Safia, Eleni, Chloe & Jessica
Featuring- School Report, talk about hobbies & staff and pupils reveal their guilty pleasures.

09th February 2024

Presented by Kyra & Laurie
Featuring- School Report, Talk with pupils around school and lots of great music.

02nd February 2024

Presented by Olivia, Alice & Grace
Featuring School Report with Internet Safety advice by Mr McGunigal, Guess the Movie with Mrs Kotwal and Interview with Mathew.

26th January 2024

Presented by Autumn, Grace & Hareem
Featuring School Report and Guess the animal sounds with Mrs Purewal & Miss Sawicki.

19th January 2024

Presented by Rebecca, Anya & Rozi
Featuring- School Report, Can't Say Yes or No with Mrs Purewal & Mr Burdett and lots of great music.

12th January 2024

Presented by Teddy & Mr Sudra
Featuring School Report & Guess the Movie

15th December 2023

Presented by Lyla, Skye, Emelia & Jessica
Featuring- School Report, Christmas Quiz with Maddie, Shae, Anya & Orla and Christmas jokes throughout the show.

8th December 2023

Presented by Brannon & Nathan
Featuring- School Report, Christmas Quiz with Eleni, Emelia, Lyla & Jessica and Guess the Christmas Song with Lizzie, Elijah & Dylan.

1st December 2023

Presented by Tommy, Kian & Ethan
Featuring School Report, Guess the Theme Song and lots of great music.

24th November 2023

Presented by Lizzie, Daya & Mylie
Featuring, School Report, Guess the Song and Chat with Mr Mitchell.

17th November 2023

Presented by Eleni, Safia & Chloe
Featuring School Report, Quiz about each other, interview with Mr Sudra and lots of great music tracks.

10th November 2023

Presented by Olivia, Alice, Harriet, Kyra & Laurie
Featuring Interview with Councilor Heather Delaney, School Report & Random questions with each other.

For more information about Councilor Heather Delaney please click Here.

20th October 2023

Presented by Gracie, Hareem & Autumn
Featuring Guess the flag, school report & an Interview the manager of Touchwood Shopping Centre Tony Elvin who is also the schools Eco sponsor.

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13th October 2023

Presented by Rebecca, Anya & Rozi
Featuring School Report, Guess the Teacher and lots great music.

06th October 2023

Presented by Oliver, Jameel & Teddy
Featuring School Report, Guess the Animal and Teddy's tip's on Pokemon.

29th September 2023

Presented by Lyla, Skye & Emelia
Featuring- School report, Quiz with Mr Burdett & Miss Bolam-Wilson & lots of great songs.

14 July 2023

Presented by Abi, Pheobe and Sienna
Featuring- School Report, Guess the song and Guess the Movie.

06th July 2023

Presented by Angelina & Mia
Featuring Interview with Miley & Guess the Movie/Song with Joe, Miss Sawicki & Mrs Kotwall

30th June 2023

Presented by Joe & Ethan
Featuring School Report, Three round elimination game Guess the Sounds, Songs & Movie Quotes with Joe, Sam, Lucy & Harlie and Interview with Mr Sudra.

16th June 2023

Presented by Sam, Luke & Noah
Featuring School Report, This Day in History, talk with Cameron about football and Isle of Wight with Charlie.

26th May 2023

Presented by Pheobe & Esme
Featuring School Report, Weird Fact or Weird Fib with Mr Prescott, Questions with the siblings & Guess the film with Kacy.

12th May 2023

Presented by Layla, Flo P & Kacy
Featuring- Talk with Libby, Miss Tordoff and Seren & Billy & Tik Tok trends.

05th May 2023

Presented by Miley and Violet

Featuring School Report, Random Questions with Mrs Kotwal and some great music.

31st March 2023

Presented by Jacob, Lucy R, Lucy H & Isla

Featuring School Report, play along with Would You Rather, Talk with Lucy R & Miss Sawicki talk about Risk as a Value.

17th March 2023

Presented by Ollie & Jacob
This weeks Radio Show is focused on Respect, which is one of our school values.

Featuring School Report with Premiere League Results, Quiz with Sam & Luke and Miss Bains talks about Respect as a Value.

03rd March 2023

Presented by Luke & Dylan
As we are focusing on our school values this term, this weeks radio show is focused on Trust.

Featuring School Report, General Knowledge quiz with Miss Pepper & Mr Prescott talks about trust as a value.

17th February 2023

Presented by Joe & Charlie
Featuring Talk with Leo S & Jack B about the Sikh Gurdwara visit, Trivia with Oliver & Ethan and Quiz with Mr Sudra.

10th February 2023

Presented by Phoebe, Esme and Flo P
Featuring Guess the song with Mr Sudra, Random Questions with the Swim Team Captains, True or False with Mr Prescott, Guess the Friends character with Connie, Guess the Celebrity with Mrs Brown and Guess the Film with Abi, Angelina and Mia. Also features the school report and lots of great music.

3rd February 2023

Presented by Abi, Angelina & Mia
Featuring Harry Potter Quiz with Esme, Laila & Phoebe, Questions with Mia, True or False with Esme & Phoebe and interview with Mr Mcnally.

27th January 2023

Presented by Joe & Ethan
Featuring- Quiz with Mr Mitchell, Charlie & Jacob and Never have I Ever with Jacob & Charlie.

20th January 2023

Presented by Sam, Noah & Luke
Featuring Football Talk with Jacob, Football Quiz with Joe, School Report and lots of great music.

13th January 2023

Presented by Jenson, Archie, William and Harry
Featuring School report, Quiz with Mr Prescott and more.

06th January 2023

Presented by Layla, Vi & Miley
Featuring an Interview with the new Head Teacher Mr Mitchell, Random questions with Frankie & Tommy, School Report and play along with guess the song.

09th December 2022

Presented by Jayni, Billy, Lucy and Flo
Featuring school report and Christmas quiz

02nd December 2022

Presented by Oliver, Harry T & Zach
Featuring- School report, Guess the footballer and more.

25th November 2022

Presented by Laila, Isabelle & Martha
Featuring Guess the Christmas Song with Charlie and Sam and Interview with Jerry from the Balsall Common Lions Club.

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11th November 2022

Presented by Charlie and Joe
Featuring- Would you rather with Miss Sawicki and Oscar and Countdown to Christmas with Oliver.

04th November 2022

Presented by Esme, Pheobe & Flo
Featuring Truth or Dare with Mrs Clark, Random Questions with Miss Tordoff, Guess Who! with Jayni & Billy and Would you Rather with Mr Mitchell.

21st October 2022

Presented by Abi & Angelina
Featuring- Talk with Nikki from Cyrenians about Harvest Festival and helping the homeless, True or False with Mr Ali & Would you rather questions with Thomas and William.

14th October 2022

Presented by Joe & Ethan
Featuring- Special Guest on the show Miss Bolan-Wilson, Jokes with Charlie, Interesting Facts and school report.

07th October 2022

Presented by Luke & Dylan
Featuring- School Report & General Knowledge quiz with Mr Prescott

30th September 2022

Presented by Archie, Jenson, Will & Harry
Featuring- Interview with Catherine and Gavin from CO-OP and Bewitched cafe.


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23rd September 2022

Presented by Layla, Violet and Gabriella
Featuring- Random questions with Mr Prescott, Fankie talks about starting year 3 and more.

17th June 2022

Presented by Bethan & Daisy
Featuring- Interview with Jack from The Boxing Lab & talk with Anna about life in Japan.

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20th May 2022

Presented by Matilda & Erin
Featuring - Ben playing Clarinet, Discussion about The Queen's Jubilee celebration, Year 6 Dragons Apprentice and more.

13th May 2022

Presented by Sienna, Zoya and Freya
Featuring- Sienna singing Carrie Underwood - Before he cheats, ASMR, impersonations from year 6 pupils and more.
Special Guest- Christina O'Sullivan who is organising the Balsall Common Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration, talks about the event.

06th May 2022

Presented by Evie, Emily and Sophie
Interview with Caroline from Plan Eat Well

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29th April 22

Presented by Jess, Josh and Tom
Features- Jokes
Special Guest- Interview with Sharon from Bake Well @ Home


08th April 2022

Presented by Lynnea, Amrin and producer Daisy
Interview with Mrs Lowe and Victor regarding Scouts

01st April 2022

Presented by Daisy, Sophia, Molly and Emily

25th March 2022

Presented by Amelia H, Shivani and Anjali

04th March 2022

Presented by Eva, Miley and Sofia

18th February 2022

Presented by Lauren and Grace

11th February 2022

Presented by Harlie, Ben and Max H

04th February 2022

Presented by Mikey, Nate & Freddie J

28th January 2022

Presented by Josh, Alex and Joe
Interview with Carl from Ginger homes

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21st January 2022

Presented by Ellie, Jess and Annabel
Special Guest Miss Hopkins is on the show answering some questions.

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14th January 2022

Presented by Freya, Sofia and Sophie

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10th December 2021

Presented by Erin, Matilda and Ben

07th January 2022

Presented by Jack M, Keiran P & Victor

03rd December 2021

Presented by Zoya, Sienna and Chloe

26th November 2021

Presented by Evie, Tilly & Emily B

19th November 2021

Presented by Olivia Y, Jess & Amelia

12th November 2021

Presented by Lynnea & Amrin. Guest producer Bethan K.

Features- Interview with Sarah from Bear Grylls Adventure, Maths & Science Quiz with Mr Prescott and Guess the Country.


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05th November 2021

Presented by Grace B, Molly & Poppy

Guest-Interview with Shosh from StageCoach


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15th October 2021

Presented by Emily O, Sophia G & Daisy     

Guests- Interview with Councillor Liz McDonald & History Quiz with Mrs Strong


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08th October 2021

Presented by Amelia H, Shivani and Anjali

01st October 2021

Presented by Eva C, Miley & Jessica W

24th September 2021

Presented by Lauren M, Grace and Daisy

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18th June 2021

Presented by Tawny, Anya & Sophia

11th June 2021

Presented by Andrew & Oliver C

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28th May 2021

Presented by Owen, Lewys H & Archie B

Sponsored by Mikey's Wish   

21st May 2021

Presented by Aimee B, Evie & Ava

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14th May 2021

Presented by Meelia & Phoebe C

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14th May 2021

Presented by Ben L, Ben B & Oliver

(Special extra podcast this week)


BCPS Radio Podcast 23rd April 2021

Presented by Lily K, Freya & Aimee L

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BCPS Radio Podcast 01 April 2021

Presented By Jake B (standing in for Thomas G), Jake C & Reuben

Sponsored by     

BCPS Radio Podcast 19 March 2021

Presented by Ben L, Ben B & Chase

Sponsored by 

BCPS Radio Podcast 12 March 2021

Presented by Daisy and Lily

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BCPS Radio Podcast 11th December 2020

Presented by Anya, Jessica & Holly

Sponsored by     

BCPS Radio Podcast 27th November 2020

Presented by Sophia, Tilly & Olivia H

Sponsored by    

BCPS Radio Podcast 20th November 2020

Presented By Josh, Bailey and Henry

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BCPS Radio Podcast 13th November 2020

Presented by Lauren, Isla and Poppy.

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BCPS Radio Podcast 06th November 2020

Presented by Lottie and Olivia

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BCPS Radio Podcast Friday 20th March

Preseted by Luna and Bella

BCPS Radio Podcast Friday 13th March

Presented by George M & Will P

BCPS Radio Podcast Friday 06th March 2020

Presented by Meg, Saf, Erin & Bella

BCPS Radio Podcast Friday 28th Feb 2020

Presented by Soph, Jess and Gracie