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Mikey's Wish

Mikey’s Wish



Twitter: @MikeysWish_VDA

Instagram: @mikeys_wish


Mikey’s Wish was founded 6 years ago when I was a 13 year old boy who wanted to raise awareness of verbal dyspraxia, the neurological speech disorder that I live with. From there it grew into us supporting families who share my diagnosis and raising funds for children in school who, like me, struggle with their learning.


For the last 6 years I have shared my story on my social media platforms and helped families realise that they are not alone on this journey. I have travelled to America to speak at a national conference, talked to MSc Speech and Language students to help them understand the impact verbal dyspraxia had on young children, talked to trainee teachers about the impact speech and language difficulties has in the classroom and worked hard to raise funds for Special Educational Needs.




Mikey’s Wish and Balsall Common Primary School


I am a former student at Balsall Common Primary school and I went through special educational needs. I class myself as lucky as we managed to secure a Statement of Educational Needs (EHCP) and received amazing support throughout my education. I know that not everyone is that lucky due to funding. This is why I have donated £18,000, to date, to the SEN department at BCPS. I believe that EVERY child deserves their best education, I believe EVERY child deserves to be as lucky as me.