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Pupil Premium

As a school, we do ensure that all disadvantaged pupils are treated equally and that provision is made, where necessary, to overcome any financial, educational or emotional barriers. We are keen that all staff are involved in supporting and monitoring the progress of children in receipt of Pupil Premium (PP) grant. To facilitate this the progress of children in receipt of Pupil Premium (PP) grant is an important part of our Pupil Progress Review meetings. We also keep the profile of these children raised through the use of our Inclusion folders. We are working to ensure that children in receipt of Pupil Premium (PP) grant get early access to clubs and extra curricular activities to increase uptake for that group. In addition, our trained school counsellor also supports our children in receipt of Pupil Premium (PP) grant. Many of our provisions relating to improving reading skills and reading for pleasure (one of the foci of our work this year) such as high quality reading books, our library and our librarian also benefit children in receipt of Pupil Premium (PP) grant.

Balsall Common Primary School Pupil Premium Summary Report