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Governing Body

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 


For more information regarding Central School Trust School Governance please view:

CST Governance


If you would like to make contact with the local governors of a particular school, please address your correspondence for the attention of the Chair of Board of Governors, and send it to the main office of the relevant school.


Any correspondence for the chair of the Multi-Academy Trust should be marked for the attention of the MAT Chair and sent into the main office at Balsall Common Primary School.

What is a Local Governing body?

All schools in the UK benefit from a mandatory governance structure to help the school’s leadership team to achieve everything possible for  the school. The easiest way to understand the duties of the Governors is to think of them as a board of (unpaid) non-executive directors. It isn’t a perfect analogy but certainly it is the Governors’ responsibility to oversee the activities of the school, reviewing policies, approving the budget, and supporting the management team. Governors are also accountable to parents and other stakeholders for the performance of the school.

The Vision of our Local Governing Body

The Headteacher and school leaders prepare a school improvement plan each year (SIP). This enables us to plan to deliver on the vision for our school, which is:


  • We are an exceptional school in the eyes of our community and stakeholders  
  • Our children and staff are happy and safe, and feel that they belong 
  • We are resilient and apply a growth mind-set to teaching, learning and personal development  
  • Our children have a healthy understanding of their community and the world, and know how to make positive change  
  • We promote sustainability and embed environmental responsibility through the choices we make  
  • Our children are well equipped to thrive in a technology-rich world  

How does the Multi-Academy Trust work?

The Central Schools Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust created in 2016 and led by Balsall Common Primary school. The Board of Directors of the Trust have delegated certain functions to be locally managed which means that the Local Governing Body has general responsibility for the effective management of the school.

What are the benefits of this for Balsall Common Primary School?


In addition to the accountability offered by the diversity of the Local Governing Body, the Multi-Academy Trust offers a broader array of expertise and insight for leadership and planning decisions around the education system in our community.


Within this framework, retaining local management for the BCPS Local Governing Body allows the school’s individual needs to be met effectively. A holistic overview of all of the school’s activities  enables the Governors to target resources and develop the nature and character of the school to meet the needs and wishes of parents, children and teachers. Governors  are able to look at the bigger picture in the community and work with the school’s management team to set a strategic direction that’s tailored specifically to our school.


How should I communicate with the Governors?

You elect them and so can make your views known to them. The best way to do this is to email the Clerk to the Governors Attingham Education:


How do I become a Parent Governor?

There is an induction and mentoring programme for all new Governors. When Vacancies occur the post is advertised through parent mail and an election process is undertaken.