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Business Name: Adlington

Business Type: Farming


Tel: 01676 532 681






Established in 1956, the company is now run by Rod Adlington, whose grandparents originally started farming turkeys for Christmas. Over the years, the family has developed a year-round trade for their products through their dedication to quality and Rod’s commitment to supplying only the very best products to the very best outlets. 


We take the welfare of our turkeys very seriously, and are proud of the high standard of care we provide. Our corn-fed turkeys are raised by hand in the heart of rural Warwickshire, using techniques that Adlington has perfected over three generations.

Our birds are reared to very strict standards of welfare and are given at least three times the amount of space to roam in barns as designated by the E.E.C. All of our turkeys are free from hormones and growth promoters, and reared naturally using the long established traditional turkey farming methods that have been passed down through our family. We can guarantee complete traceability and an unbeatable quality, giving our customers peace of mind and a truly British product.


With school, I have over the years been involved with Year 5s Healthy Eating topic and also, on multiple occasions, had the pleasure to be part of Year 6 Dragon’s Apprentice, where I supported the teams with branding, finding target audience, cost analysis and it’s been fascinating being part of the Dragon Panel line up, where children have delivered presentations with amazing confidence.