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Business Name: Pathways Nursery

Business Type: Nursery

Address: Balsall Common Primary School, Asbury Road

Tel: 01676 532298


Twitter: @PathwaysNursery



Pathways Nurseries and Childcare Centre’s are a family run group of educational and childcare facilities which have been established in the Midlands since 1989.The centres have the support of Local Education Authorities and are registered and inspected by OFSTED. Our latest inspection was Outstanding.Pathways

We work closely with our partnership schools to provide continuity and excellence in education and childcare.

As a result of excellent care, guidance and support from both teaching and non-teaching staff, children quickly settle into the school environment. Well planned and exciting lessons, within a stimulating environment, capture the attention of the children and promote excellent learning opportunities.

This very high standard of early education is continued into Reception and most children then enter Year 1 with skills above the expected levels in all areas of learning.

Pathways’ Nursery works collaboratively with parents of pupils who attend Balsall Common Primary School’s Nursery.

Being able to drop off and pick children up from one place, whether they are nursery age or older, is of real benefit for parents, and we are proud that we are able to offer this inclusive all day provision through successful partnership with a high quality private provider.

By working with Balsall Common Primary School we are able to give something back to the community.

We sponsored the 2012 Summer Gala and hope to continue working with the school and the PTA in the future.

Pathways runs a Before School Club for the older children from 7.45am, escorts the children to school, then collects them at the end of the school day and cares for them until 6.00pm. Pathways also provides a hot dinner for the children in the After School Club, as well as collecting the children from the Balsall Common Pimary School’s extensive after school clubs run by the staff of the school.