Dragons Den

Balsall Common Primary Dragons Den

Balsall Common Primary Dragons Den

Balsall Common year 6 children became junior entrepreneurs to raise money for their end of year trip.

Week 1. They had to think of a name, come up with money making ideas and formulate a business plan.

Snacks and toys were very popular but some children came up with great alternatives by way of activities. These had low or no cost and so made a good profit.

I witnessed some truly fantastic presentations. Using PowerPoint they really sold their concepts, backed up figures with spread sheets, sold the benefits of their products and confidently answered any questions.

The winners went on to sell their goods / services within the school and proceeds went towards their end of year trip.

Week 2. Joan Smith from the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce came in to talk to the children about how to start a business, business planning and some key sales strategies using Cadbury as an example.

The children listened, asked questions then 2 teams gave their pitch. Sadly the projector did not work, but, to their credit, the children were professional and still managed to give a great pitch. Joan was thoroughly impressed.

Week 3. The children concentrated on selling. Some sold items on the playground whilst one enterprising team offered a preschool / toddler group in the school hall. Some teams had duel strategies selling different products to target different markets during lunch and at the end of school.

All in all it was a great success; the children learnt a lot about business, had fun and raised enough money to pay for a day out to the cinema. They also were able to make a donation of £160 to the Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment.