The Copyright Licensing Agency

The Copyright Licensing Agency: Data Collection Exercise

Your school has been selected to take part in a data gathering exercise which includes the re-use of website and digital material using the CLA web logging tool.  This will take minimal time for each copy or digital re-use of copyright material. 

Additionally, CLA is collecting data on newspaper copying and re-use as part of your NLA media access license.

Below you will find a link to a website where respondents will be asked to enter data about the copying or digital re-use of digital publications and websites during the period.  Please forward this information on to the respondents taking part, along with the link. 

We have agreed that they begin the data collection exercise on 19/09/2016 and end on 09/12/2016.

To enter instances of copying or re-use of copyright material Sign In link below. If you are loggin digital re-use, please select 'Other' for newspapers. Please enter 'number of articles' for online newspaper re-use when prompted for 'number of pages'.

Note: Please keep this link accessible throughout the exercise, e.g. by storing it as a favourite on your browser.  The link will not activate until the exercise begins.

Each respondent will then be required to sign in by selecting the name of your school in the login screen.

Before the start date, in order to assist you in answering queries from your staff, here is a Demonstration Site with a generic sign on for you and your colleagues to look at.

Demonstration Site:

If you have any questions regarding your participation in this data collection exercise, please contact your Field Officer. You will find his/her contact details on the CLA poster next to the yellow box which has been placed near your photocopier.

Thank you very much for your help and that of your colleagues – their participation is much appreciated and is essential in ensuring the rights holders; authors, publishers and visual artists, whose works are used, are fairly rewarded.

With best wishes,

Hannah Saunders
Royalties Data Co-ordinator

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)