What the PTA is about?

PTA Objective:

To raise additional funds for the school to pay for the enhancement of our children’s education by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school which is not provided for by the Local Education Authority.

Christmas Fayre

Traditionally we hold the annual Christmas Fayre on the last Saturday in November.
The Fayre is held inside the school in the hall and various class rooms.
It has always been a big money earner for the PTA.
We open it up to external stall holders at a fee of £35 per stall.

Help is required in the form of:

The Event Co-ordinator - This has been Sue Butler for many years, her son has two years left at the school so this role will be open to a new volunteer.
Stall holders - An Individual who takes full responsibility for a PTA stall at the Fayre, helpers will be provided if needed.   Responsible for the stall set up, tidy away and counting the stall takings.
Donations - Volunteers are required to sort out all donations supplied, to price up items and allocate to various stalls.
Helpers - Helpers are required to run PTA stalls.  This can involve helping set up on the Friday night before the Fayre, helping on the various stalls on the day and tidying away after the event.
External Stalls Co-ordinator - Contact Companies to see if they require a stall, contact previous year’s external stall holders etc...


Brochures are printed externally and distributed to all houses around the village for both Christmas Fayre and Summer Gala.
Adverts - Sian Foster has obtained advertisements for the past years and is happy for someone new to take over this role.  Role involves telephoning past advertisers and new businesses and requesting them to advertise.  Costs set depending on advert size.
Layout & Printer Co-ordination – currently organised by Janet Goodliffe & Sue Butler, involves arranging the brochure layout and organising the printing.
Sorting and Distribution - When the brochures come in they are counted out by year 6 students and various helpers into the right number of houses per road.  Sue Butler holds an Excel list of distributors (parents) and the brochures are sent home with the children to be hand delivered.

A consolidated list of Advertisers is sent to the treasurer to be invoiced.

A drawing competition is organised and co-ordinated in school by a teacher for inclusion on the front cover and internal pages. The winner is selected by the brochure co-ordinators.  A ‘chairman’s welcome’ is also included.

Christmas Cards:

Fiona Watts has co-ordinated this project for the last few years. The Children design a Christmas card and the parents place orders before the middle of October. The PTA received a % of moneys collected for Christmas card Orders.
Fiona deals with the card company, obtains the forms to draw on and distributes them to the classes. The teachers and children then perform their magic!! Orders are collected from individual classes and a team of volunteers check the orders and cash agree. This is reconciled and banked.
Fiona then sends off the orders to the printing company.  Cards are distributed and sent home through the children.

Invitation Booklet

Kirsty Hughes has co-ordinated this project each year, normally in May.  The PTA receives a % of sales.
Kirsty contacts the company and orders the relevant booklet which contains discount vouchers to be used locally (centred on either Solihull or Coventry), these are distributed to each family member within the school who have the opportunity to purchase a booklet (or many) for a cost of approx £25. If not required the book is returned to school.
Kirsty collects and reconciles cash, collects un-purchased books chases non-returned books and returns them to supplier. PTA banks all funds and the company invoices for sales at a lower price.

Pub quiz

Traditional ‘Pub Quiz’ normally held in October. Tickets sold via parentmail with a reply form.  Recently managed as a low cost event (£10 per team - max 6) with the chair as quiz master, you bring your own booze and nibbles. Prizes are given for winning team.  There is an opportunity to include a raffle, head & Tails or some other fundraiser.  In the past this even has included a pay-bar which requires the organiser to arrange drinks / glasses etc and helpers to run the bar on the night.

Heads Quiz

Traditionally held in January, The ‘head teacher’ organises the quiz.  Charged per person, the tickets include a ‘fish and chip supper’ with choices fish / pie / chicken.  Organised by the school leadership team proceeds are passed to the PTA.  Again, this event has been run as a ‘bring your own drinks’ or with a pay bar.  Again, a pay bar requires a co-ordinator to arrange for the stock and helpers on the night.

Sports Day Refreshments & other Refreshments

Sports day events are held in June for the Foundation and KS1 Children, Lower KS2 & Upper KS2 (3 in Total).  At these events the PTA sell Tea, coffee, squash and confectionary.  2 volunteers are required to set up, tidy away and sell these items.

Catering co-ordinator needs to organise for helpers to set-up and run the refreshments and ensure there are adequate cups and provisions for these events. The stock and Urns are kept in the PTA cupboard situated in the hallway between the library & hall, opposite the cloakrooms.

From time to time the PTA are approached to help with refreshments at other events organised by the school i.e. charity fund raisers, Music evenings, new parent cheese & wine events.  Chris Baker (deputy head assistant) normally requests help.

School Disco (Once per term)

Fiona Watts currently organises the school disco, which is run by the PTA and all funds get banked in the school to aid IT costs. The PTA purchase drinks and sweets to sell at the disco, glow sticks are also sold but purchased by the school. The PTA organises CRB checked helpers and teachers to sell goods, man the entrance, supervise the children and tidy up after the event.
The DJ is normally a teacher, the doors open for Reception to year 2 at 6 ‘til 7.30pm and years 3-6 at 7.30pm ‘til 9pm. No Parents allowed unless helping.
Funds net of PTA Costs are given to Graeme/Sue to be banked.

Summer Gala

A large outdoor fundraising event similar to the Christmas Fayre traditionally held on the last Saturday in June.

This takes a lot more physical setting up and mostly has to be done on the Saturday morning, just in case it rains! There are many stalls to set up as well as a bar and BBQ. We do not open up this event to external stall holders to maximise income for the PTA.

This Event normally follows a theme with which the fancy dress competition follows.

Help is required in the form of:

The Event Co-ordinator- Last Year Ann Lycett Kindly took on this role.  Chairs and organises the sub-committee responsible for the Gala.  Role involves organising the theme, field layout, stall holders, stock ordering, special attractions, event set-up and helpers.
Stall holders- An Individual who takes full responsibility for a stall at the Gala, responsible for the stall set up/tidy away and counting the stall takings.  Helpers will be provided if needed.
Donations - Volunteers are required to sort out all donations supplied, to price up items and allocate to various stalls.
Helpers - Helpers are needed to set up on the Friday night & Saturday morning before the Gala, help on various stalls and tidy away after the event.

Swimming Lessons

Alison Lowe is our current swimming co-ordinator.
The job responsibly:
Organise and promote the PTA swimming lessons.
Each Term issue letters to the current swimming lesson participants to renew lessons.
Liaise with the current swimming instructors who are paid on a subcontract basis.

The PTA pays an annual maintenance fee of £2000 to school and bank all the lesson income. It’s a big earner for PTA approx £10,000 pa.
More details see separate sheet.

Swim Badges

The PTA is responsible for obtaining and giving out of swim badges (at assembly). A list of badges will be given for each child who has passed.

Football Tournament BBQ

Ahead of Gala day there is a football tournament which the Kids enter in the weeks running up to the Gala.  The semi-finals and final are played at the Gala. On this evening, usually a Friday, the kids take part in the tournament and the PTA sell BBQ food and refreshments i.e. sweets, tea, coffee, cold drinks. Volunteers are required to cook food, sell, etc..

Coffee Mornings

In past years FREE coffee mornings with pre-school children are organised at the school (In Atrium) to encourage parents to come and join in the PTA and to try and obtain new recruits / volunteers for events.  This requires a volunteer to organise or can be managed by the catering co-ordinator.

Signs around the village

Signs promoting the Christmas Fayre and summer Gala are put up around the village the a few weeks before the event.  For the past years Ian Roe has kindly fulfilled this role.  As Ian has only 1 year left with the school this role will likely need replacing. The signs are wooden, the date needs amending each year and they need to be securely fixed, so as not to cause a hazard to drivers.

PTA Shed

There is a shed behind the school, access to this shed through the KS2 playground onto field, behind the Year 3 class rooms. The key is kept in the entrance by the staff toilets hanging in the box on the wall.  Items needed for the Summer Gala and other events are kept in this shed.
Other items are also kept in the Loft, situated up the stairs by the reception class rooms, in the staff-room.

PTA Cupboard

The red door between hall & Library (key in box at Entrance by staff toilets) many refreshments, sweets etc are kept in this cupboard.

We are always looking for new/existing PTA members to take on a role and coordinate events.
It is a job you can do for as long or as little as you would like, if you are happy to help- great!!

Many Thanks