Head's Update

Every year we seek to inform parents of the progress we are making in addressing issues that have been raised by parents, staff and children. The Head's Annual Parental Updates give a valuable opportunity to show what has been done throughout the year in raising standards in performance and behaviour as well giving a brief opportunity to highlight the next steps for the coming year.

Below are presentations from previous Head's Updates which were used to demonstrate the progress being made within the school.

Head's Annual Parental Updates

Head's Annual Parental Update 2012

Head's Annual Parental Update 2013

Head's Annual Parental Update 2014

Head's Annual Parental Update 2015

Head's Annual Parental Update 2016

BCPS School Improvement Plan

BCPS School Improvement Plan 2014-2015

BCPS School Improvement Plan 2015-2016

BCPS School Improvement Plan 2016-2017

BCPS School Improvement Plan 2017-2018

BCPS Self Evaluation

BCPS Self Evaluation 2014

BCPS Self Evaluation 2015

BCPS Self Evaluation 2016

BCPS Self Evaluation 2017

BCPS Annual Survey Reports

Parent Survey Report 2012       Pupil Survey Report 2012       Staff Survey Report 2012

Parent Survey Report 2013       Pupil Survey Report 2013       Staff Survey Report 2013

Parent Survey Report 2014       Pupil Survey Report 2014       Staff Survey Report 2014

Parent Survey Report 2015       Pupil Survey Report 2015       Staff Survey Report 2015

Parent Survey Report 2016       Pupil Survey Report 2016       Staff Survey Report 2016